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Branching Out: New Practice Area

Fall 2016 Community Newsletter

The Law Office of Kellan Patterson is expanding its practice to serve the legal needs of small business owners throughout Northern California. We are now representing small businesses throughout Northern California. We provide big corporate in-house counsel services for a fraction of the cost. Our clients who otherwise couldn’t afford an in-house attorney now receive legal advice pertaining to their specific needs.

Small business owners receive advice as to:

  • Labor and employment laws,

  • Contract formation,

  • Tort liability,

  • Regulations and licenses,

  • Business formation and much more.

We recognize that your business is your pride and joy. It gives you great pleasure and sense of value when you provide services or products specially tailored for the communities you serve. Partnering with us will allow you to protect your investment and pave a path for the future of your company. Our model at the Law Office of Kellan Patterson is “to control the things you can control.” This is an opportunity for you to be proactive in maintaining the viability of your company and to engage in a course of action that you thought you couldn’t afford or was out of your reach. You deserve legal representation. Allow us to assist you and keeping your dream alive and well. Contact us today! Call 916.905.4464. Or email us at

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