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Kellan Patterson

Admitted to California Bar - 2015


McGeorge School of Law - 2015

  • IP Certificate

  • Public Service Scholar

  • President of the Black Law Student Association


University of California, Berkeley


  • Majored in Political Science

  • Minored in African American Studies

  • IDEAL Scholar


Bar Associations

  • Wilely Manual Bar Association

  • Federal Bar Association

  • California Young Attorney Bar Association


Growing up in Northern Sacramento in the 1990's afforded me a "Sandlot-esque" childhood. Along with the neighborhood kids, I would play baseball, basketball and football at the neighborhood park in between little-league seasons. We would also head to the levees and hunt for crawdads and frogs. Occasionally and unknown to our parents, we would hop on the bike trail and find our way to the arcades and pizza parlors in Old Sacramento.


These early experiences cultivated in me a desire to explore the world and to look forward to making bonds with all people no matter their upbringing. Most importantly, those experiences instilled in me a "PF Flyer" competitive spirit. Such characteristics have been proven valuable in my career. They have helped me forge meaningful relationships with judges, court personnel and fellow attorneys. Additionally, I don't like to lose. Thus, I give every ounce of effort to obtain a favorable resolution for my clients.


I came of age while living in Oakland, California, the city where I was born. Oakland's rich history of social justice and progressive ideology was extremely impactful on me. I became keenly aware that we all do not have the same opportunities to live out our dreams. Furthermore, I learned that every citizen is not treated equally under the law. This understanding encouraged me to become an advocate for justice. It encouraged me to help those who cannot otherwise help themselves.


While at UC Berkeley, I was exposed to an overwhelming amount of creative ideas. I began to realize that those ideas are the core to entrepreneurship and acts as the engine powering our economy.  Unfortunately, many of those ideas never launched. It is my goal to help launch those creative ideas and protect the rights of authors and artists.


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