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"A great man is one who continuously sacrifices for those who will never be able repay him."

Being a black lawyer has afforded me the unique opportunity to serve communities throughout California that have been historically neglected by those in the legal profession. African American and Latinx American communities particularly find it difficult to find fitting representation. My authentic experiences growing up in predominately black neighborhoods, provide many of my clients with a familiar rapport when dealing with and journeying through legal proceedings. I not only have the foundation to understand the substance of their legal issues but also many times I have had shared experiences. Throughout the years, I have used my credentials and unique experiences to solve a multitude of problems for underrepresented communities.

If you have found your self on this page and have read this far, thank you! I hope the next thing that you do is contact my office. Hopefully we can partner up and tackle your legal issue head on. 

Kind Regards,

Kellan Steven Patterson

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