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Practice Areas


Intellectual Property

  • Copyright

  • Misappropriation of Likeness

  • Trademark

  • Trade Secrets

Public Rights

  • Civil Rights Litigation

  • Election Law

  • Employment & Labor Law

Sports Law

  • Branding

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Endorsement

Criminal Defense

  • Arraignments

  • Trials

  • Motions to Dismiss Charges

  • Motions to Suppress Evidence

Consumer Protection Law

  • Identity Theft Victim

  • Privacy of Information

Personal Injury​

  • Car Accidents

  • Bicyclist Accidents

  • Dog Bites

  • Premise Liability

Intellectual Property. According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2012, intellectual property made up 34% of the country's GDP. It is important for businesses and artists to identify their intellectual property and then to understand the law as it pertains to their intellectual property. Lastly, businesses and artists should have a comprehensive plan to monetize their intellectual property.


Public Rights.  As a member of our society you have constitutional and statutory rights. These rights protect you from discrimination in the workplace, ensuring your right to vote and a fair election process, and protects you from government overreach.


Sports Law. Unlike other professions, athletes must take advantage of their talents as soon as possible. Although, like other professions, what separates the person who gets the job and the person who doesn't, comes down to "fit" and "self-advocacy." Second and third tier professional athletes benefit the most from an agent who can locate the "right" fit for the athlete and to be able to sale that fit to a franchise.


Criminal Defense. The government has to operate within constitutional and statutory confines when prosecuting cases. If they operate outside those boundaries, your case may be a candidate for dismissal. Furthermore, the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, even for misdemeanor cases. Thus, going to trial, rather than settling the case, may be the favorable route. 


Consumer Protection Law.  We are in the age of technology. Unfortunately, this age created a new strain of thieves. Identity theft is a major problem in the United States. Victims of identity theft have to not only secure their private information but also defend against creditors. It is important for victims to be proactive about responding to creditors and enlisting the service of an attorney may prove beneficial. Furthermore, even if you due rightfully owe creditors, you still have rights and protections against harassing bill collectors and creditors. 

Personal Injuries.  People injured by the intentional conduct or the negligent conduct of others often times suffer without ever being compensated for their injuries. You have a right to have your medical bills paid and to be additionally compensated for your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Don't be afraid to claim what is rightfully yours!


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