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The transcontinental railroad has been referred to by historians as the "backbone of America." Old coal locomotives were charged with the duty of transporting the wealth and resources of the East Coast to the pioneering spirits settling the West. Likewise, my practice strives to connect client's business and personal needs with tailored legal solutions. 



Sacramento's I Street Bridge has been in continual service since 1911. Although this bridge's glory days are bounded in history books and quartered in museum halls, it serves it purpose today, as well as it did over a hundred years ago. My services are aimed at those searching for reliability and consistency. I seek to provide first-rate counsel every time a bridge needs to be crossed.



Whether you are starting a business, running for office, standing up to management or facing the loss of liberty and property, courage is a requisite character trait. I advocate from a base of fortitude and determination; executing a well thought out plan that yields optimal results.

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